RTV-1 silicones

Ready-to-use adhesives and sealants

RTV-1 silicones are one-step, ready-to-use adhesives and sealants. They crosslink automatically when exposed to air humidity at room temperature. Various by-products are created during the reaction, depending on the product. You can easily recognize these by-products by the product name:

  • ELASTOSIL® A types release a basic amino compound
  • ELASTOSIL® E types release acetic acid
  • ELASTOSIL® N types release a pH-neutral alcohol or oxime compound

Advantages & applications:

Another important criterion for selecting the best product is the flow property. We offer you RTV-1 silicones with a consistency ranging from free-flowing to non-sag pastes, and thereby have a solution suitable for every application – be it a sealant, adhesive or coating. Our silicone specialists will gladly help you choose the best material and answer any questions you may have about RTV-1 and RTV-2 silicones and heat-curing 1K systems.

Further Information

Product Properties Color Viscosity Skin-forming time Hardness Elongation at break Tensile strength
  [mPa s @23°C] [23 °C/50 %RH] [Shore A] [%] [N/mm²]

As a wholly owned subsidiary of Wacker Chemie AG, DRAWIN supplies the right silicone product at the right time, to the right place and in the right configuration.


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