RTV-2 Silicones addition curing


The key characteristic of addition curing is a platinum-based catalyst complex. This results in – depending on the product in the A or B component – a curing that does not release any by-products and therefore does not shrink. The curing rate can be greatly accelerated by supplying heat after processing.

The reaction can be accelerated by raising the temperature
- Irreversible crosslinking
- There is no weight loss during the curing
- There is a very low degree of shrinkage (< 0.1 %)
- No by-products are released
- For types classified as self-adhesive, there is very good adhesion on a wide range of substrates.

Product Properties Tensile strength Elongation at break Mixing ratio Hardness Color Viscosity Density
  [N/mm²] [%] A : B [Shore A] [mPa s @23°C] [g/cm³]

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