RTV-2 Silicones Condensation Curing


With condensation cross-linking, the B component – a product containing organotin designated as Wacker T-series catalysts – is added in a concentration of between 2 and 5 percent to the corresponding component A. The crosslinking process creates a volatile alcohol compound as a byproduct, leading to a slight shrinkage in volume.

Please note: It is not advisable to speed up the crosslinking by increasing the temperature. The cured rubber cannot be thermally stressed until the by-products have completely evaporated.

- The curing is not impaired by inhibition
- The curing rate can be adjusted to a certain degree by varying the amount of catalyst and/or choosing a slow or fast catalyst
- For types classified as self-adhesive, there is very good adhesion on a wide range of substrates (when used in combination with the catalyst T77)

Product Properties Density Color Hardness Elongation at break Tensile strength Viscosity before catalyzation
  [g/cm³] [Shore A] [%] [N/mm²] (23 °C, Brookfield) [mPa s]

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