Silicone fluids / Silicone spray

High thermal resistance

WACKER silicone fluids are crystal-clear liquids that range in viscosity from 0.65 to roughly 1,000,000 mm2/s and have unique properties that stem from their molecular structure. The high-quality silicone fluids are polydimethylsiloxanes (PDMS) consisting of alternating silicon and oxygen atoms with their remaining valences satisified with methyl groups (-CH3).

The AK silicone fluids are notable for their high thermal resistance over a wide range of temperatures from -60 to +200 °C. They are also used as process auxiliaries for diluting RTV-2 silicones to reduce the viscosity of non-crosslinked RTV-2 silicones while simultaneously reducing the Shore hardness.
Silicone Spray AK is a universally-applicable release agents and lubricant for industry, model building and moldmaking, it is odorless and CFC-free. In pure, undiluted form, it is a high performance raw material exhibiting a wide range of properties. Easily recognizable as a crystal-clear, hydrophobic silicone film, with very good release and lubricity properties and a thermal stability up to approx. +180 °C.


  • Extremely low volatility
  • Excellent shear stability
  • Low surface tension
  • Optimum water repellency
  • Very low order of toxicity


  • Release agents and lubricants
  • Damping fluids
  • Hydraulic and transformer fluids
  • Liquid dielectric
  • Water-repellent agents
Product Density Refractive index Permittivity Volatility Solidifying point Coefficient of thermal expansion VISCOSITY (kinematic)
  [g/cm³] [@ 25°C] [@ 25°C and 100Hz] [%] [°C] from 0 to 150°C x 10 (exp-4) [cm³/cm³ K] [mm2/s @23°C]

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