Silicone pastes

Wide range of application areas

Silicone pastes from WACKER are renowned as effective, dependable process auxiliaries in a wide range of industries and application areas. They demonstrate this in standard applications as well as in complex construction elements in high-temperature applications. The versatility provided by their exceptional properties makes WACKER silicone pastes excellent multifunctional process auxiliaries.

Advantages & applications:

  • Non-curing, pasty consistency largely unaffected by temperature, permitting use over a broad temperature range
  • Water resistant, water repellent, oxidation resistant, hence offering long-term resistance to atmospheric influences, forms a protective layer
  • Odorless, of a low order of toxicity, radiation resistant up to approx. 106 rad, inert with respect to a great many chemicals, resistant to microorganisms
  • Ready adhesion to numerous surfaces, good lubricating properties in plastic/plastic or plastic/metal pairings, good lubricity
  • Good release properties with respect to numerous elastomers and plastics
  • Good electrical insulation, high dielectric strength and permittivity, low loss factor
  • Excellent shelf life, specific properties remain functional for up to 12 months and general properties for several years
  • Process optimizing in a wide range of industrial applications for antifriction, lubricating, sealing, release, insulating, damping or conductive purposes
Product Density Color Volatile components Unworked penetration Thermal conductivity Worked penetration
  [g/cm³] [1/10 mm] [W/m K] [1/10 mm]

As a wholly owned subsidiary of Wacker Chemie AG, DRAWIN supplies the right silicone product at the right time, to the right place and in the right configuration.


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