Special packaging

Customized service for you

Do you need any individual packaging? We deliver high-quality silicone products in special packaging tailored to your specific needs.

Which packaging should it be:

  • sealbag or foil pack
  • Alu-tube or PE-tube
  • canister, pail – metal or plastic
  • syringe or Side by Side cartridge
  • Aerosol Spray or spray bottle
  • PET bottle or glas bottle

We offer this service for the WACKER original products:

  • Silicone pastes
  • Silicone sealants (1 and 2-component)
  • Silicone spray
  • Silicone fluids
  • Silicone antifoam agents
  • Silicone mold-making compounds
  • Silicone auxiliary materials

Depending on your needs, you'll receive products that are neutral, labeled, printed and/or packaged. We thereby comply with all current legal requirements, of course.

We prepare a personalized set of services tailored to your needs. Our experts will be happy to advise you:

  • In selecting the right product/packaging combination
  • In developing the best packaging
  • In designing the labels
  • Advising you on international requirements regarding the proper legal labeling
  • On qualified filling
  • On finishing in the desired secondary packaging with packaging inserts

We are here for you, please contact us

Claudia Rüdiger
Tel.: 089 / 608 69 -403

Denise Däumling
Tel.: 089 / 608 69 -442

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As a wholly owned subsidiary of Wacker Chemie AG, DRAWIN supplies the right silicone product at the right time, to the right place and in the right configuration.


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