E as in Easy: E-Business

We value the personal contact. Everything else can be handled online more efficiently. The e-business solutions provided by DRAWIN optimize operations, simplify business processes and reduce expenses – all of which are advantages for both sides.


E-Invoicing is the modern way to to issue invoices: electronically, reliably, securely, legally-compliant and paperless is involved. DRAWIN lets you process your invoices electronically as PDF files with or without a digital signature and verification.

You have a choice of these options:

Send via email

  • Download from website
  • ERP system integration (invoices are automatically posted and archived without manual intervention)

Advantages of E-Invoicing:

  • No manual work involved in processing and distributing incoming mail
  • Shorter processing times
  • Easier forwarding
  • Better use of discounts
  • No more need to scan or index documents
  • Invoices always readily available (no more inaccessible invoices because these are being scanned at a service provider)
  • Lower rate of errors
  • Greater transparency and tracking of digital documents

Any questions you'd like us to answer? Gladly, of course. Our E-Business team is here to provide all the information you need and answer any questions you may have:


With, DRAWIN sets new milestones in communication, information and collaboration. With just a single login, you can access our customer portal to efficiently and securely process your orders. LOGIN4MORE is a personalized service provided by DRAWIN and WACKER, tailored to your exact needs. Its contents and functionality are individually tailored to your requirements.

All our products at a glance

Our handy Product Search feature helps you find the right product quickly and easily, because we tailor the tool to your exact needs. You benefit from product information not available via the Internet. In addition, you can download the technical data sheets you need.

Purchasing online is easy

Order the products you want online from wherever and whenever. You also have access to all the key information regarding the status of individual orders and your order history. In addition to procurement reports, you can view and modify your current orders, check their status, check any open invoices and download order-related documents. You can also download the latest version of the technical data sheets for your favorite products.

Projects & Documents

This section offers a combination of tools designed to facilitate, in a secure manner, your collaboration with other companies. This saves you time and money. Here you can, for example, modify and manage documents, plan tasks and projects and participate in discussions.

Any questions you'd like us to answer? Contact your customer service specialist top learn more about the many benefits of Login4More.


ELEMICA is the modern, efficient way to transfer data electronically. ELEMICA serves as an independent provider, offering a way to optimally integrate a wide variety of electronic data management systems. This means that: ELEMICA lets you transfer data electronically with other business partners even if they use a different system. For example, you can send orders, issue change orders, confirm orders, etc. — all electronically.

Benefits of connecting to ELEMICA:

  • Efficient and flexible order processing
  • Order and confirmation without a fax
  • Fast, reliable and secure online transmission
  • High level of data quality and security

You can use your ELEMICA connection for business processes that do not involve DRAWIN as well. Plus, you can use it to communicate with all other connected companies.


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