DRAWIN introduces a new range of silicone elastomers and additives for special effect applications

Munich, Mar 02, 2020

DRAWIN, a 100% subsidiary of Wacker Chemie AG, is proud to present a full range of silicone elastomers for special effects applications for film and theatre. The ELASTOSIL® FX products excel with their outstanding long-term performance of mechanical properties and adjustable hardness without oily surfaces.

The range comes as a modular system with four silicone elastomer bases and four additives. Applications range from Make-Up FX and life casting over masks and body parts up to the production of molds for stage and scene decoration.

The four platinum-curing silicone elastomers ELASTOSIL® FX Gel 30, FX 10, 20 and 28 cover a broad shore-hardness range from very soft and gel-like (30 sh00) to medium hard (28 shA). The four additives allow the user to tailor the base rubber to the desired effect for each individual application.

With ELASTOSIL® FX Softener, the rubber can be softened to a “flesh-like” texture without creating an oily effect on the surface. First customer feedback indicates that FX Softener is very efficient and allows for low dosing rates.

To thicken the base rubber from thin to thick up to a paste-like consistency, ELASTOSIL® FX Thixo is added, thus allowing for better workability on vertical surfaces.

ELASTOSIL® FX Fast Cure and Slow Cure are the additives of choice to individually set the curing speed and working time window. You will need only very low dosing of ELASTOSIL® FX Fast Cure to reach astonishing short curing times.

The platinum-curing ELASTOSIL® FX products are safe to be used on skin as they have no irritation effect. They are also compatible to all standard material for make-up artists and are resistant to inhibition in contact with all common materials used for Special FX (colors, etc). With their excellent translucency, the products are easy to color. As a 1:1 system, mixing is easy and the low viscosity and excellent self-deaeration properties make working with the ELASTOSIL® FX rubbers an easy task.

The products are available in different pack sizes. Special care has been taken to offer a set of packaging that allows for easy product identification and convenient handling. The 5 + 5 kg packs come with color identification for the A and B component and a lid that is easy to open and close. An extra dosing attachment for the 50 ml additive bottles allows for convenient drop dosing to be used for working on smaller quantities of material. The 2 kg bottle of the ELASTOSIL® FX Softener comes with a handle for easy pouring.

Due to their outstanding properties, silicone elastomers are already widely used to create special effects in the film and theatre industry. Rudi Pfeffer, head of application technology for moldmaking, is convinced of the excellent properties the ELASTOSIL® FX range brings to the market: „After cooperating with professional make-up artists during the development phase of our new product range, we are now confident to have perfect products. The professionals that have already tried ELASTOSIL® FX were very positive and highlighted the great results they had like excellent long-term stability of mechanical properties and less oily surfaces when using our FX Softener. We are ready for the FX market!”

The ELASTOSIL® FX range comes in a special packaging allowing for easy product identification and convenient handling, eg for frequent open / closing


As a wholly owned subsidiary of Wacker Chemie AG, DRAWIN supplies the right silicone product at the right time, to the right place and in the right configuration.


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